If you’ve ever felt stuck in your health, you are not alone. Chronic health seems to be over-medicated and supplemented in today’s medical field, leaving the patient feeling lost and hopeless. Many people have limited success when freeing themselves from chronic health issues because they lack direction and coherence. 

For centuries, doctors have bandied about this as controlling the physical symptoms. The methods of conventional medicine lead to short-lived intentions that miss the actual root cause of the issue.  

That is why Dr. Eva Detko takes heart in revealing that most of the chronic health issues we face are like a link in a chain, disrupted by energy fields that create chronic states of disease. Her unique method, hidden in her new book The Sovereign Health Solution, helps you put your puzzle pieces together in a structured and coherent way

Dr. Eva was born with chronic health conditions that had her questioning her life for decades from birth. Through overcoming chronic struggles with health, she saw a positive shift in her life that led her to recover from the years that held her back.

After going through a personal roller coaster of chronic health issues, Dr. Eva brings twenty years of clinical and research-driven wisdom and elevates you beyond the conventional practices of modern-day health into a place of ownership. 

In a step-by-step process, Dr. Eva guides you through “The Triangle of Healing” so you can develop an awareness of how your mind-body, energetic field, and physical body affect your state of wellness. 

Understanding your beliefs is a necessary component of The Sovereign Health Solution too. Delve into optimizing subconscious programs that make you feel stuck in your health. You’ll discover how your beliefs determine your physical reality and powerful imagery tools to help you break free of the patterns that limit your potential. 

Dr. Eva cannot stress this enough; nothing will help you achieve freedom in your health, like understanding your attachment to emotional toxicity patterns. Whether you feel in control of your health or you feel lost, you need to learn how to rewire your programming at the neurological level. The Sovereign Health Solution guides you through an emotional toxicity questionnaire so you can instantly re-frame your subconscious thought process. 

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    To alleviate self-judgment, the author gives you practical strategies to implement in your life so you restore balance to your nervous system. Rather than continue the loop around the chronic health roller coaster, you’ll step back and look at life from a place of reflection. You’ll identify areas in your life that keep you stuck so you can build neurological resiliency. With exercises you can use while reading, you’ll reduce inflammation, deepen your mind-body connection, and restore balance. 

    In the final sections of the book, you’ll walk away with a balanced biofield. Chronic disruptions in your energy field lead to disease and affect your health triangle. The physical body is the last to break down, not the first like many people have been conditioned to think. 

    That’s why Dr. Eva looks at the seven core chakras and gives you strategies to help you balance your energy system. Not only will you feel more aligned in your physical body, but you’ll also be given a complete map of optimizing energy flow in your life. 

    Perhaps what we have been taught about our health is all wrong. 

    Take a quote from Deepak Chopra to deepen the concept of The Sovereign Health Solution:
    “No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” 

    The Sovereign Health Solution is not just another self-help book. It’s a health-guide to help you focus on the pragmatic rather than the temporary solution. This book comes with video and audio training (and hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses!) that helps you implement the concepts and achieve long-lasting results.

    This book is essential for anyone dealing with chronic health symptoms and it will go out on April 19th. You can already purchase a copy in the link below. Give your health and body a treat and take your health to new levels that you may have not even thought you could achieve!


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