Master Your Mindspace


This book is the result of having the courage to dare to be different and live a non-traditional life. In my twenties I was at the peak of success as a corporate executive who traveled the world and got paid like a king only to have it all come crashing down when the company folded. What happened next took me on a 10 year world-wide adventure of self-discovery where I met remarkable teachers who helped me to free my mind and unleash my spirit. If you apply just one of the ideas or techniques in this book and put it into practice, it will change your life, I promise. This book contains the essence of everything I’ve learned over the last 17 years of harnessing the power of the mind to live an extraordinary quality of life, get paid to do what I love and explore the things I am passionate about. Now I would like to share a blueprint for how you can do all of these things and so much more in just five minutes a day.