Drug of Choice


Mark is a successful affiliate marketer with several businesses boasting millions of dollars annually. He has created a fulfilling life, which he shares with his beautiful fiancé and a worldwide circle of friends. Certainly, this was not always the case. In this gripping tale, Van Stratum brings a once in a lifetime read of his experience growing up with one arm in a little town where he developed an anger at the world, hostility towards authority, and a criminal mindset. One day, after a violent robbery by rival drug dealers, he realized the path he’d chosen was only getting worse, he decided to change. Mark then learns an incredible skill set that enables him to get the most desired women in his bed. He offers very insightful lessons about dating, one night stands, relationships, and personal growth. It’s where this journey takes you that will grip your heart. This story teaches that your behavior is both the cause of your problems and your success. It will make you believe, it’s never too late to change. Based on a True Story