You Have More Control Over Your Health Than You Realize

You Have More Control Over Your Health Than You Realize

If you’ve ever felt stuck in your health, you are not alone. Chronic health seems to be over-medicated and supplemented in today’s medical field, leaving the patient feeling lost and hopeless. Many people have limited success when freeing themselves from chronic health issues because they lack direction and coherence. 

For centuries, doctors have bandied about this as controlling the physical symptoms. The methods of conventional medicine lead to short-lived intentions that miss the actual root cause of the issue.  

That is why Dr. Eva Detko takes heart in revealing that most of the chronic health issues we face are like a link in a chain, disrupted by energy fields that create chronic states of disease. Her unique method, hidden in her new book The Sovereign Health Solution, helps you put your puzzle pieces together in a structured and coherent way

Dr. Eva was born with chronic health conditions that had her questioning her life for decades from birth. Through overcoming chronic struggles with health, she saw a positive shift in her life that led her to recover from the years that held her back.

After going through a personal roller coaster of chronic health issues, Dr. Eva brings twenty years of clinical and research-driven wisdom and elevates you beyond the conventional practices of modern-day health into a place of ownership. 

In a step-by-step process, Dr. Eva guides you through “The Triangle of Healing” so you can develop an awareness of how your mind-body, energetic field, and physical body affect your state of wellness. 

Understanding your beliefs is a necessary component of The Sovereign Health Solution too. Delve into optimizing subconscious programs that make you feel stuck in your health. You’ll discover how your beliefs determine your physical reality and powerful imagery tools to help you break free of the patterns that limit your potential. 

Dr. Eva cannot stress this enough; nothing will help you achieve freedom in your health, like understanding your attachment to emotional toxicity patterns. Whether you feel in control of your health or you feel lost, you need to learn how to rewire your programming at the neurological level. The Sovereign Health Solution guides you through an emotional toxicity questionnaire so you can instantly re-frame your subconscious thought process. 

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    To alleviate self-judgment, the author gives you practical strategies to implement in your life so you restore balance to your nervous system. Rather than continue the loop around the chronic health roller coaster, you’ll step back and look at life from a place of reflection. You’ll identify areas in your life that keep you stuck so you can build neurological resiliency. With exercises you can use while reading, you’ll reduce inflammation, deepen your mind-body connection, and restore balance. 

    In the final sections of the book, you’ll walk away with a balanced biofield. Chronic disruptions in your energy field lead to disease and affect your health triangle. The physical body is the last to break down, not the first like many people have been conditioned to think. 

    That’s why Dr. Eva looks at the seven core chakras and gives you strategies to help you balance your energy system. Not only will you feel more aligned in your physical body, but you’ll also be given a complete map of optimizing energy flow in your life. 

    Perhaps what we have been taught about our health is all wrong. 

    Take a quote from Deepak Chopra to deepen the concept of The Sovereign Health Solution:
    “No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” 

    The Sovereign Health Solution is not just another self-help book. It’s a health-guide to help you focus on the pragmatic rather than the temporary solution. This book comes with video and audio training (and hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses!) that helps you implement the concepts and achieve long-lasting results.

    This book is essential for anyone dealing with chronic health symptoms and it will go out on April 19th. You can already purchase a copy in the link below. Give your health and body a treat and take your health to new levels that you may have not even thought you could achieve!

    Spring is the season of new life and a time to act on an opportunity

    Spring is the season of new life and a time to act on an opportunity

    The transition of seasons empowers us to tap into our true potential. We break free of old patterns that do not serve us so we can experience a rebirth, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And nothing speaks to our hearts and minds more than the stories of others to awaken our connection to the world. 

    Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press believes in planting the seed for ample growth with the release of seven new books in Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, and Self-Help/Spirituality. 

    To us, a story holds the keys to the freedoms we seek. It awakens our true, unlimited potential.  

    Embark on a journey with some of the brightest minds in the world and get ready to change the way you show up in your business and life. Our “Lucky 7 “is the perfect combination of books to help you shape your character and lay a solid foundation for creating the life you want to live.

    Healthcare Anonymous: Put Yourself First to Avoid Anxiety, Addiction and Burnout by Dr. Simon Maltais

    With the world in constant worry as we embark on the third year of the pandemic, Dr. Maltais’s story looks at pivotal events that take you on a journey into the world’s largest industry with an open heart and mind to uncover some controversial topics. In tear-breaking stories, you’ll be left with an awareness of the complex conditions healthcare workers face in today’s world. 

    The Sovereign Health Solution: Heal the Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness by Dr. Eva Detko

    If you have ever felt stuck in your health, then this is a book you want to have in your life. Dr. Eva Detko is a powerful healer who goes far beyond any chronic health roller coaster and elevates her reader out of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical and medical industry to a place where they can create true ownership and experience.
    The Sovereign Health Solution is not just another self-help book. This book comes with video and audio training (and hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses!) that helps the reader implement the concepts and achieve results.

    Atomic Words: Cut Through the Noise & Deliver Impactful Communication by Gabe Arnold

    When it comes to developing an understanding of the entrepreneurial world, one of the most interesting and abstract concepts is the choice of words; a style of effective communication that leads to long-term success. To lead, you need a framework, and you need to learn how to use it effectively. In Atomic Words, you’ll discover how to dramatically improve the impact and efficiency of how you communicate with others, so you cut through the noise and deliver impactful communication. 

    Transform Your Destiny: Embrace the Life You Are Meant to Live in Partnership with The Divine (The Transformation Trilogy, Book 2) by Dale Halaway

    In his second book of The Transformation Trilogy: Transform Your Destiny, master teacher of the soul Dale Halaway illuminates your path to partnering with the divine.
    You will gain fresh insight into the nature of the ego and the soul, including how to transcend your ego to embody and embrace your higher self. Drawing on timeless wisdom and Universal Laws, Transform Your Destiny invites you to live the life you are meant to live and provides a clear path to infinite wisdom with the divine. 

    Mastering Adversity: Turn Your Biggest Struggles Into Your Greatest Gifts by Lance Essihos

    When we face fear, we tend to run away; when something is hard, we quit; when something is out of control, we point the finger. But not everyone. In his powerful story about mastering adversity, Lance Essihos takes you on a journey through addiction, death, and what it means to turn your biggest struggles into your greatest gifts.
    Through stories of adversity, Lance shows you how to develop a deeper awareness, understanding, and acceptance of yourself, so you create a different relationship with adversity in your life. 

    Unremarkable to Extraordinary: Ignite Your Passion to Go From Passive Observer to Creator of Your Own Life by Jeremy Ryan Slate

    Have you ever wondered what lies behind the secrets of successful entrepreneurs? If so, you are not alone. Jeremy Ryan Slate interviewed some of the highest performers in the world to deliver a groundbreaking book on what it takes to live an extraordinary life in today’s world. Becoming extraordinary takes time and work. Learn how to tap into your true potential by learning from Indy 500 Winners, New York Times best-selling authors, platinum recording artists, billionaires, and even the former director of the CIA. Filled with proven stories of success, Unremarkable to Extraordinary is an invaluable tool to ignite your passion. 

    The Awareness Shift: Unearth the Five Pillars of Optimal Health and Wellness by Joshua Holland & Tessa Cash

    In a world where we have this insatiable desire to push constantly and seductively provoke the notion of more, it’s easy to abandon ourselves in the world’s chaos. It’s not until our lives meet unexpected change do we question the truth of who we are as humans. This is what Joshua Holland, a holistic health coach and biohacker, calls The Awareness Shift. Through his life’s work, Holland leads you step-by-step to restore your physical and spiritual wellness before your body shuts down. Now you can find out what you need instead of  relying on a one-size-fits-all approach to your health so you never feel lost again. Learn how to become attuned to your unique soul path, raise your vibration to align with your highest self, and shift your state of being to unlock optimal health and wellness. 

    Final thought: As you can see from our spring release, these books convey a powerful message for transformation in your life. Every author opens their minds and hearts to bring clarity to your life. Leave the old behind, and embrace the power of the story by grabbing a copy or two from the category that most aligns with you.
    Let us know which ones shine light into your world the most when you do. And if you are an inspiring author who is ready to bring your story to life, check out our publishing process and reach out to us to speak further about your book.

    I almost gave my life to save yours

    I almost gave my life to save yours

    Can you remember what you were doing two years ago on March 11, 2020? Dr. Maltais can. 

    For him and many other healthcare professionals, March 11, 2020 was the day that caused world wide panic and lockdowns from the global COVID-19 pandemic that tested the core of our medical systems, challenged the values of our society, and altered human history forever.

    After a long few years, physicians are finally starting to take off the masks and talk about “healthcare diseases” and how they affect medical professionals physically and mentally. But not the ones you might be used to reading about. 

    Whether “dis-ease” happens in absolute terms or why it exists solely to those directly involved in the healthcare field is one of the core principles driving examination of burnout in the medical field. 

    In the healthcare industry, in which discussion about burnout seems to be hidden behind fears, identities, lies, and validated by egocentricity, the admittance of one’s ability to be exhausted discourages physicians from seeking the help they need.

    There’s angst in asking a healthcare professional about their health; it’s a black hole of shame leading to endless anxiety in the unknown. But in the age of rising anxiety and depression among healthcare workers, we must be able to create more opportunities for workers to admit when they need help. 

    That’s why Dr. Simon Maltais, a cardiac surgeon in one of the world’s largest healthcare providers, shares his journey as a doctor and how he overcame personal challenges that forced him to almost end everything. 

    In Healthcare Anonymous: Put Yourself First To Avoid Anxiety, Addiction, and Burnout, you’ll be taken on a journey that empowers you to understand the healthcare workers system and the high prevalence of the hidden dis-ease and its critical impact on our society. 

    Dr. Maltais meticulously describes a framework in four parts to help the reader understand the suffering behind the masks of those seen as heroes. 

    Part one shows the reader how susceptible healthcare workers are to burnout, anxiety, and addiction. Maltais calls it “the silent-upbringing” of a fatal illness by offering readers an inside look at the relationship to the agent (susceptibility), host (healthcare professional), and environment (working conditions). Dr. Maltais aims to disrupt the connection between the agent, host, and environment to find a solution for a commonly spread diseases in the medical field. 

    Readers will engage in Simon’s story in a way that helps them understand how diseases spread by comparing a doctor’s journey to a model that is often utilized for studying health problems. These are both conceptual and necessary for developing an awareness of healthcare disease. 

    In part two, Dr. Maltais’s writing style tells a story that takes readers behind the scenes through the sole purpose of understanding how burnout occurs. Through scientific research and personal reflections from decades in the medical field, readers will see how burnout slowly creeps into the lives of medical professionals without any warning signals. 

    In one of his most challenging years, Dr. Maltais shares how the pandemic and many other issues behind the masks doctors wear professionally and personally were like Molotov cocktails waiting to ignite a bigger flame. 

      As readers, Dr. Maltais aims to inspire us to find a place of solace, knowing the discomfort inherent to such examination of ourselves and those who we hold in high regards, such as doctors. 

      Part three sheds light on the clinical manifestation from triggers discussed in previous chapters. Dr. Maltais weaves in science with personal stories in a way that turns pages effortlessly as readers get lost in the journey of those who have suffered devastating consequences from the internal and external problems healthcare professionals face. 

      To uncover the onset of symptoms, Dr. Maltais shares stories in four distinct categories: physical, psychological, behavioral, and personal. In tear-breaking stories, the reader will be left with an awareness of the complex conditions healthcare workers face in today’s world. 

      To wrap things up, Dr. Simon Maltais strategically brings in an outside perspective in psychology to help readers with a framework to shift outcomes in the field. Expanding on the vertex mentioned in part one, part four hones on the importance of the environment and gives readers actional steps to prevent burnout while emphasizing the significance of healthcare professionals putting themselves first. 

      With the world in a constant state of worry as we embark on the third year of the pandemic,  Dr. Maltais’s story looks at pivotal events that take you on a journey into the world’s largest industry with an open heart and mind to uncover some controversial topics.

      Grab a copy of Healthcare Anonymous today to discover further. 

      How to Cut Through the Noise & Deliver Impactful Communication with Atomic Words

      How to Cut Through the Noise & Deliver Impactful Communication with Atomic Words

      Mark Twain, a man known for his words, once said 

      “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter – it is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug.”

      When it comes to developing an understanding of the entrepreneurial world, one of the most interesting and abstract concepts is the choice of words; a style of effective communication that leads to long-term success. 

      Word choice is what makes great leaders. Without choosing the right words, conversations would only lead to nowhere. But cutting through the noise and delivering impactful communication can be tricky. 

      In the simplest form, communication is everywhere. It doesn’t take much to notice leaders who stand out in the world. From a high level, it’s tempting to think effective communication comes down to saying what you want to say when thoughts come to your mind, then relaying your thoughts in the form of the spoken and written word. 

      Download Sample Chapters of Atomic Words now:

        At first, this style might seem logical. But effective communication is so much more than that. It’s about how you want to lead a conversation, the way you want your audience to feel, your choice and style of words, and your intentions. 

        You have the same tools for communication available to you as everyone else. But two people communicating to the same audience with different word choices can have different results. To lead, you need a framework, and you need to learn how to use it effectively. 

        This is why Gabe Arnold wrote Atomic Words: Cut Through The Noise And Deliver Impactful Communication. 

        Gabe is a high-level entrepreneur, father, and speaker who has had to overcome trials and tribulations to reach the level of effective communication styles he has laid out for you in his book. 

        There are several ways to communicate in today’s world, but your choice of words will empower others in a way you never thought possible. Atomic Words has three main components to delivering impactful communication:

        1- Foundation

        2- Tools

        3- Mindset 

        Each section is a skill you must discover how to master. 

        Pre-Order Atomic Words Paperback from LE Press Shop

        The Foundation comes first. As a leader, you need to understand how your audience thinks and feels to develop confidence. Choosing your words in a way that makes others feel seen and heard will keep you grounded with intention during challenging conversations. When you’ve familiarized yourself with this concept, you can then begin to pull from your story to personalize your methods. Finally, you can recognize when it makes sense to stand your ground or adapt your choice of communication style. 

        The second part of the book is about using the right Tools at the right time. As you gain experience as a leader, you realize that certain things work and begin to use different tactics and strategies to communicate ideas effectively. Gabe provides a robust framework to understand depth in conversation, so you cut through the noise and get results.

        Lastly, you’ll read about why an entrepreneur’s Mindset is crucial to effective communication. Your mindset must be one of growth and expansion, and Gabe shares stories from his life with strategies to empower you to create a communication style from a viewpoint that builds trust and long-lasting relationships. 

        This is why it is so important to choose your words wisely; as Mark Twain said, the difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter. 

        Atomic Words is how you cut through the noise and deliver impactful communication. Whether you want to deliver exceptional results for a coaching client, write a copy for a newsletter, or even speak on stage, this book has the framework to get you there. 

        It doesn’t replace practice and experience in the real world, but it can lessen the gap and get you faster results than doing it alone.

        Being an effective communicator is your force multiplier in business and life. 

        So, if you don’t want to lead in today’s world, keep on sitting in on mind-numbing meetings and reading emails that make you cringe. But my guess is you want more than that. 

        What are you still reading for? Grab your copy today.

        Learn More about Gabe and Atomic Words

        How to Ditch Online Dating and Meet People In Real Life

        How to Ditch Online Dating and Meet People In Real Life

        The thought of conveniently finding your perfect partner with just a few swipes on your phone is alluring for many. However, in reality, many people are finding that online dating is not bringing them the quality dates and meaningful relationships they hoped for.

        Sadly, instead of finding love, some online daters even have to deal with harassing messages, hurtful and disrespectful comments, lies, and fake or misleading accounts.

        Not only that, the stats show that only one in five committed relationships begin online, meaning 80% of them start OFFLINE. So that begs the question, why compete with thousands online when your chances of attracting that special someone are much higher in the real world?

        Well, this is what, in part, inspired Camille Virginia to write and publish her latest book:

        The Offline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World.

        Once a shy girl who suffered from social anxiety, Camille transformed herself into a socially confident woman after discovering how to create an instantly meaningful connection with anyone.

        Today, we’re giving you an exclusive look at her proven 3-step process, which has helped thousands of her clients and readers worldwide ditch the dating apps and master offline dating. Let’s get started.

        Step 1: Magnetic Approachability

        The first section of the book is all about mastering the art of approachability, so you can start attracting the right people without even saying a word.

        It’s an excellent initial step in offline dating as it allows you to build social confidence by inspiring others to approach you, therefore removing the risk of rejection.

        Camille shows you how to learn and apply the three core pillars of approachability, which are:

        1. Prepping – Ways you can boost your confidence and make yourself more approachable before leaving the house. For example, it could be dressing in a way that makes you feel good or wearing something interesting that could be a conversation starter.
        2. Positioning – You can maximize your opportunities to meet new people by hanging out in the best spots in any location and being aware of your surroundings. Positioning is all about making it easier for others to engage with you.
        3. Projecting – Ways you can send out the right signals to ooze approachability and attract people like a magnet. Camille provides seven ways you can do this, including through body language, flashing a sexy glance, squinching, accepting help, and more.

        Step 2: Effortless Engagement

        The second part of The Offline Dating Method teaches how to start a conversation with anyone effortlessly. Also, how to respond when someone starts one with you. 

        Knowing how to have conversations with anyone opens up unlimited possibilities to meet new interesting people, make new friends, or find your perfect partner. Camille guides you through it all step-by-step, including:

        • How to use ice breakers to start a conversation
        • How to transition from the ice breaker to a conversation
        • How to keep a conversation going naturally, without awkward pauses
        • How to end a conversation the right way

        The techniques Camille provides in this section are a total life changer. You’ll be able to build instant rapport with anyone you meet, overcome shyness, feel in control in any conversation, and gain social confidence. She also shows you how to conquer the five fears that hold most people back:

        1. Fear of rejection
        2. Fear of being awkward
        3. Fear of making others uncomfortable
        4. Fear of the other person not being single
        5. Fear of retaliation

        Step 3: Asked Out Organically

        Chapter three is all about creating a meaningful connection with someone, as this is the secret ingredient that will naturally inspire a future date together.

        Face-to-face connections and genuine conversations with people bring a deep feeling of fulfillment. Nevertheless, while we all crave this level of connection, most of us are not having our innate needs met because we are bombarded with distractions and spend too much time looking at screens.

        Camille shows you how to take interactions beyond small talk and the superficial level. You will begin feeling energized by every conversation you have and genuinely curious to know more about the people you meet. In this chapter, you also learn:

        • How to ask genuine questions
        • How to filter out the people who aren’t right for you
        • How to set yourself apart from everyone else
        • How to build instant trust with the people you meet
        • How to feel socially fulfilled
        • How to turn casual conversations into a date
        • How to have meaningful conversations in a group

        Start Your Offline Dating Journey Today

        All the tips and advice in The Offline Dating Method are based on the universal power of human connection and behavior, meaning they work for everyone regardless of your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

        Today, we’ve given you a brief introduction to Camille’s proven three-step process. However, in her book, she guides you through it all in detail, providing a clear framework to follow along with hundreds of specific and actionable tips.

        The Offline Dating Method provides you with everything you need to start attracting your perfect partner in real life and creating meaningful connections with everyone you meet.


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