Read these success books to attract abundance into your life.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

All success starts in the mind.

Think about it…

You don’t become rich without first having the desire to attract riches into your life. 

Similarly, you’ll never accomplish most goals if you don’t believe you can.

That’s why, if you want to manifest wealth into your life, you must start with the mind.

These are some of the principles which are central to Napoleon Hill’s financial classic “Think and Grow Rich,” but you don’t have to stop your education there (and in fact, you shouldn’t).

Add these books for entrepreneurs to your reading list and watch the miracles flow…

Plant the seed with Nothing to Lose by Dan Munro

How it can help you manifest wealth: If all success starts in the mind, that’s where you need to begin your work to attract abundance. That said, most people can’t just go from having zero confidence in their abilities to suddenly believing they can build the next billion-dollar start-up. That’s part of what makes this book so powerful. Munro argues that people-pleasing is to blame for most of our failure and the way to beat it is simply by learning to open your mind to possibilities. His book teaches you how to feel comfortable taking more risks and building genuine self-confidence by embracing curiosity and releasing approval-seeking behavior. If you want to start opening yourself up to abundance, you need to start believing in yourself. This book shows you how!

What it includes: Munro teaches a methodology centered around curiosity that will help you stop worrying so much about what other people think, return to your core values, and develop a strong belief in your abilities to live the life you desire.

Why you should get it: Dan Munro has been studying the psychology of confidence for more than 10 years. He is the founder of, a self-development community that helps individuals from around the world become more confident. If you want to begin receiving abundance, you must learn to destroy hesitation, procrastination, and self-limiting beliefs. “Nothing to Lose” will teach you to do all three. Get it now.

Claim your wealth with Start From Zero by Dane Maxwell

How it can help you manifest wealth: Once you’ve strengthened your curiosity muscle and opened your mind up to the possibility of success and wealth, it’s time to start putting those thoughts into action. Wealth isn’t going to fall into your lap just because you will it to…thoughts are only the first piece of the puzzle. You must be willing to put in the work. Luckily, Dane Maxwell can show you how! Maxwell has had fifteen millionaire students to date–and he believes you can be next.

What it includes: Learn how to become a millionaire even if you are starting with zero ideas, cash, confidence, or experience. No hype. No BS. No fluff. Just straight research, examples, and a repeatable path to success. 

Why you should get it: After building 16 businesses, Dane Maxwell knows there’s just one thing you need in this world to be successful: grit. This book will show you how to create scalable products and income from scratch so that you can accumulate wealth even if you screw up a lot. It’s one of the most comprehensive success books for entrepreneurs out there. Get it now.

Attract abundance with Manifest that Miracle by Lana Shlafer

How it can help you manifest wealth: So, you’ve opened your mind up to the possibility of success. You’re putting in the work. It’s time to go even deeper. Lana Shlafer’s book “Manifest that Miracle” features practical tools to help you not only be open to your desires but actually start believing in them. This is when your miracles truly begin to manifest…

What it includes: Learn how to suspend your doubt – and expand your vision – to see a way for you to have it ALL: incredible relationships, amazing health, epic wealth, and a deep sense of fulfillment. With a modern look at the law of attraction, Lana Shlafer says you can manifest the unbelievable every day. In this book, she teaches you how!

Why you should get it: Lana Shlafer studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is a mindset coach, law of attraction expert, and bestselling author who has helped thousands of people manifest their desires, from healing chronic illnesses to falling in love. “Manifest That Miracle” is chock-full of wisdom to help you attract wealth and happiness in 2021. Get it now.

Keep your vibrations ~high~ with The Money Tree by Chris Guillebeau

How it can help you manifest wealth: Even as your miracles unfold, you are going to experience obstacles along the way. Inspiring books for entrepreneurs like “The Money Tree” can carry you through the darkness. Featuring the compelling story of a man who may lose everything if he doesn’t turn his life around in 30 days, this book will remind you of your power to weather any storm and keep your vibrations up in moments of doubt. 

What it includes: “The Money Tree” is a fictional story about a man named Jake who has 30 days to pay back $50k in student debt, avoid being evicted from his apartment, and salvage his relationship (which is failing under the financial pressure). Though things initially seem bleak, Jake finds hope when he joins a community of people who are all trying to create lucrative side hustles centered around one key rule: no one is allowed to spend more than $500 before turning a profit. Through a series of challenges, Jake learns he can overcome any obstacle as long as he’s willing to work hard and step outside of his comfort zone.

Why you should get it: Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times bestselling author known for success books like “The $100 Startup” and “Side Hustle.” He teaches thousands of people all over the world how to build startups and get them off the ground in just four weeks. “The Money Tree” is a love letter to hustlers everywhere, and a story that will uplift any entrepreneur that is experiencing doubt. Get it now.

Develop a freedom mindset with Lifestyle Entrepreneur by Jesse Krieger

How it can help you manifest wealth: It’s easy to equate wealth with dollar signs, but we all know deep down that it’s about much more than that: it’s about freedom. The freedom to travel, to be with the people we care about, and to have amazing experiences that we can look back on when we get older and say, without reservation, “I truly lived.” That’s what Jesse Krieger’s book teaches. It’s all about designing a life that feels right to YOU. A life that aligns with your identity and takes you further than anyone told you was practical or even possible. Once you’ve planted the seeds, started taking action, and begun really manifesting miracles in your life, it’s important to stay focused on the things that matter. “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” can be your guiding compass.

What it includes: Practical tools to help you envision and define your dreams, a guide to starting the RIGHT business for you, real-world examples, and so much more! ”Lifestyle Entrepreneur” will teach you everything you need to truly start living a life of abundance. 

Why you should get it: Jesse Krieger is an entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author. He’s sold two businesses, traveled to over 30 countries, and his advice has helped people all over the world learn to make money doing what they love (even in tough times). Whether he’s climbing volcanoes in the Mediterranean or consulting with clients from Malaysia to Manhattan, Jesse views the world as both a playground and a potential addressable market. He has truly turned entrepreneurship into a lifestyle–and his book can help you do the same! Get it now.


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