There’s no doubt about it: The last year has changed the way we work, perhaps forever!

Now more than ever, people are clocking in at home and the trend only seems to be growing. If you are fortunate enough to be one of them, you might be looking for ways to leverage the newfound freedom and flexibility that comes with remote work. 

Maybe there’s a dream business or side hustle you’re finally ready to jump into, but you’re not sure where to start.

Books for entrepreneurs who work from home can help.

Read these titles to learn everything you need to start a successful business, earn passive income, and build your wealth–all while working from home.

#1 Start From Zero by Dane Maxwell

Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams about discovering the billion-dollar idea that will change the world (not to mention the digits on their banking app) and get them written into history books. But what if coming up with ideas is precisely your problem?

Read Start From Zero by Dane Maxwell.

This book is the ultimate guide to becoming a self-made entrepreneurial success even if you have zero ideas, cash, experience, or confidence. Maxwell teaches readers how to create a business from scratch using principles that helped him achieve his dreams and turn 15 of his students into millionaires. Promising “no BS, hype, or fluff” Start From Zero gives you the repeatable path to create a meaningful and profitable business without being dependent on any person or platform. Get it here.

#2 Atomic Habits by James Clear

Excellent habits are key to maintaining organization so that you can be on top of your game at work, at home, and in life. Of course, when all three areas intersect, developing effective habits can be a challenge. 

Fortunately, James Clear, a successful entrepreneur and one of the world’s leading experts on habits, is here to help. His powerful book Atomic Habits (over four million copies sold) teaches readers how to create remarkable results with tiny changes. The book is packed with practical tips backed by biology, psychology, and neuroscience to make success in any area of life come naturally. Featuring fascinating research about some of the world’s top performers, from business leaders to Olympic gold medalists, Atomic Habits is as gripping as it is useful. Get it here.

#3 Get Paid For Your Pad by Jasper Ribbers & Huzefa Kapadia

Airbnb has always been a lucrative opportunity for property owners, but now is a particularly good time to explore it. With vaccinations being distributed, COVID cases dwindling, and the world slowly returning to normal, the travel industry is making a comeback. As tourist attractions relax their restrictions and antsy wanderers regain travel confidence, the market is likely to explode in the coming years.

That’s great news for anyone with space to rent, especially if you are working from home and looking for a complementary side-hustle that is easy to maintain. 

If you have a house or even a room that might be enticing for vacation rentals or tourism activities, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Jasper Ribbers is just one example. This successful entrepreneur went from making $24k to $60k per year from his apartment in Amsterdam simply by mastering the art of Airbnb. How did he do it? Read his book Get Paid For Your Pad to find out. Get it here.

#4 The Wealth Coach by Bradley J. Sugars

Achieving financial success doesn’t come easily to most people, especially with how much information there is to navigate. Fortunately, you don’t have to go scour hundreds of books to find the information you need to get started. Instead, you can get a simple, comprehensive, and engaging read like The Wealth Coach by Bradley J. Sugars.

Sugars is an award-winning author and entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people and businesses achieve financial success. His organization ActionCOACH has been serving clients from around the world and across industries since 1997. The Wealth Coach is a gripping parable that features simple core principles, attitudes, and actionable steps that Sugars teaches his clients to help them build wealth. You can do it too–even if you are starting with nothing. Get it here.


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