Inspiring books on spirituality, manifestation, and wellness to help you be your best self.

Many choose to spend their days simply going through the motions of human existence, mindlessly scrolling through social media, and becoming spectators in their own lives. 

Successful people, on the other hand, seek expansion.

They know that the key to personal growth and happiness lies in taking control of the things we have power over and letting go of everything else. 

That means…

  • cultivating mental strength
  • maintaining good health
  • building effective habits

…and, of course, investing in powerful books to help you navigate it all.

If you’re ready to stop sitting on the sidelines of life, embody your full potential, and become the hero of your story, these guides will show you the way.

Let go of the past with Storytelling as a Therapy Tool by Heidi Henyon

Research shows that about 1 in 7 children in the U.S. alone experience some form of abuse or neglect before reaching adulthood. The percentage of people who experience abuse by an intimate partner is even higher. The truth is, many of us are carrying the weight of trauma in our everyday lives, and there’s no limit to how that can affect our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. For many, this includes difficulty in forming healthy relationships, taking chances, or developing self-confidence. Fortunately, we can always liberate ourselves from past hurt with the help of therapeutic tools. 

Storytelling is one such tool that is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness among everyone from children to prison inmates, and now anyone can adopt it with the help of Storytelling as a Therapy Tool by Heidi Henyon.

Heidi is a massage therapist, movement teacher, health coach, and bestselling author who teaches healing through ritual and ceremony. Her journey began at the age of 17 when she studied with an Indian yoga master and went on to travel the world, gaining spiritual wisdom from teachers like Sobonfu Some and Hyemeyohsts Storm. Despite her decades of practicing spiritual healing, Heidi’s repressed childhood memories of severe abuse came flooding back at the age of 54. With the method outlined in Storytelling as a Therapy Tool, she was able to heal and move on in just a few months. Now she wants to help you do the same! Add her book to your reading list and feel the joy of getting your life back as the burden of your past melts away. Get it here.

Overcome stress and burnout with Your Time to Thrive by Marina Khidekel

Your Time to Thrive image

Tired of the hustle? You should be.

Research shows that overworking ourselves doesn’t actually help us get ahead. In fact, it only holds us back from reaching our full potential. That’s why the movement for work/life balance and employee happiness is at an all-time high: by taking our jobs and our wellbeing seriously, we actually become more productive! 

The key is something Arianna Huffington likes to call “microsteps” which you can read all about in Your Time to Thrive

Written by Marina Khidekel and the editors of Thrive Global, this exciting new book teaches readers how to create tiny, science-backed habits that lead to greater life satisfaction and career success. While other similar books tend to focus on the “why” and “how” when it comes to forming tiny habits, this one focuses on the “what.” Your Time to Thrive is chock-full of suggestions on how to create healthier habits around things like sleep, nutrition, movement, relationships, and more. Featuring a fascinating and relevant forward by Arianna Huffington in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, this book is a must-read in 2021. Get it here.

Open your third eye with The Secret Intelligence of Water by Veda Austin

The Secret Intelligence of Water Image

Looking for new ways to tap into the divine wisdom of the stars? 

When we take the time to challenge our beliefs by exploring life’s mysteries, and others’ ideas about them, we often gain inspiration, empathy, and a deeper connection to the cosmos. In fact, exploring alternative beliefs and ideas can be a powerful way to open your third eye and awaken your extrasensory gifts. Veda Austin’s book The Secret Intelligence of Water is a wonderful place to begin. 

Veda Austin is a water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist and author. She has dedicated nearly a decade of her life to observing and photographing the life of water. The Secret Intelligence of Water features a captivating collection of photographs and research detailing how words, thoughts, pictures, and even music can influence the crystallization of water in between its liquid and solid forms. Veda ties this visual evidence to indigenous knowledge systems across the planet that regard water as a living being, inviting readers to look at the seemingly mundane element in a new light. Add this groundbreaking title to your reading list to begin the journey of opening your third eye chakra and accessing divine wisdom. Get it here. 

Create the life of your dreams with Manifest that Miracle by Lana Schlafer

Manifest That Miracle Image

So many spiritual books out there talk about the law of attraction without giving you any clear actionable steps to make the process work. Fortunately, Lana Schlafer is changing all of that with her bestselling book Manifest That Miracle!

If you’ve ever wanted a hands-on, step-by-step method to manifesting health, wealth, love, and adventure, this is the book for you. Lana Shlafer is a mindset coach and law of attraction expert who has helped over 20,000 people create extraordinary breakthroughs and manifestations in their personal lives. When hope appeared lost, and happiness seemed out of reach, Lana’s students used the exercises in her book to do the unbelievable, including…

  • Buying their dream homes
  • Overcoming chronic illness
  • Falling in love

…and more! Stop creating vision board after vision board and instead find practical tools that will truly teach you how to suspend doubt and have it ALL. Get it here.


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